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Quadros International prides itself in offering high quality professional, seamless project management from A – Z.

  1. Project approach
    All aspects of the project deserve special attention. Quadros excels through proven professionalism to meet and exceed the customer’s expectations.

  2. Preliminary investigation and specifications
    The initial drawings, quotes and samples presented at this time ensure that all design and management aspects are within the financial and timely parameters agreed.

  3. Engineering
    Once all the above is agreed, the final tenders are now presented for approval. This is where the fine tuning of materials and processes are finalised, whilst positioning the fundamentals which are being supplied.

  4. Ascertain the assembly process
    T he key part of the ongoing supervision of the work in progress. Each area has the assembly processes established and coded whilst the timescale is set for the preparation of the materials.

  5. Manufacture and quality control
    Quality control is crucial to the overall service offered by Quadros, with continual monitoring of the processes and production.

  6. Logistics and delivery of works
    Arrangement for transportation of all items ordered, ensuring delivery on time, as promised. For management and manpower contracts, we guarantee that our personnel have the experience and required skills to complete all jobs to perfection.

  7. Warranty
    Each item that is delivered has an individual warranty agreement which gives each project a long term peace of mind.