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The Contract Division is a highly organized entity, with the ability to respond quickly and efficiently to client procurement and project requirements. Although there are companies already offering similar products and
services, The Contract Division’s strength lies in the fact that the companies it represents are at the leading edge of the market in respect of design, materials and production techniques which results in competitive prices.


Quadros design, supply and install for:

1. The Residential and Construction Industry

  • Kitchen suites
  • Wardrobes
  • Doors and door frames
  • Flooring
  • Ceilings
  • External timber joinery

2. The Hospitality Industry

  • Furniture
  • Case goods
  • Flooring
  • Lighting
  • Fabrics
  • Soft furnishings


Quadros’ methodology is to provide the client with a range of high level services, to include:

  • Professional services for hospitality projects, major renovations and capital expenditure projects.
  • Comprehensive reporting.
  • Assurance that trades and services are in accordance with the client quality requirements; Quadros will provide a comprehensive quality plan prior to proceeding with the contract works.
  • Comprehensive design and technical support.
  • Freight management, on-site coordination and installation supervision.

The benefits to our clients are:

  • Timely project completion as per client schedules, enabling the client to commence operations on target and in line with their on-going commitments.
  • Completion of projects within the client approved budget, enabling handover without creating additional delays / approvals.


The aim of The Interior Contracting Division is to be the link between (a) the end-user, i.e. Contractors’ developers etc; and (b) the suppliers/ manufacturers. This is achieved by using direct marketing to the client and building up a solid client base, coupled with a list of preferred suppliers and manufacturers who all have a proven track record. The Interior Contract Division will provide the client with top quality products/service in the first instance, followed by a first class after-sales service facility thereby raising the industry standards to new heights.

Our main suppliers are:

  • Neoset (For Hotel Furniture)
  • Neoset (Kitchen Suites / Wardrobes)
  • Mamoli (Bathroom accessories)
  • Hatria Spa (Bathroom accessories)
  • Grohe AG&Co.KG (Bathroom accessories)
  • Jacuzzi
  • Carrara & matta Europe (Bathroom accessories)
  • Manouli (Vinyl Floorings)
  • ITV (Vinyl Floorings)
  • Kahrs (Wooden & Laminate Floorings)
  • Amorim (Wooden & Laminate Floorings)
  • BKB (Wooden Floorings)
  • Svenmill (Fabrics)
  • Gonzalo Ferri (Fabrics)
  • Bitex (Fabrics)
  • Fintexport (Carpets)
  • Carpets International (Carpets)
  • ITC (Carpets)
  • Ralux (Carpets)
  • Templeton (Carpets)
  • A number of alternatives from China, Indonesia, Malaysia, Vietnam and GCC .

As The Contract Division will be supplying directly to clients on request, it will not hold inventory or stock items. Only suppliers with a solid reputation and good business ethics will be dealt with. The company has more than one supplier available for the majority of items, as a back-up alternative.